When Is registration?

Registration is on the Sunday of camp 4:00 - 5:30PM. Camper applications are always available online unless the desired week/session is full. In the case of a full week/session your camper may be placed on a waiting list.

What does it cost for my child to Attend Camp?

It costs $450 for one week-long session of camp.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer a sibling discount. For the first child the cost is $450. Each child after that is $425. Scholarships may also be available if you qualify. Contact us for a scholarship application.

do you have a storm shelter?

Yes. In the event of severe weather we have a shelter below ground that can accommodate all of our staff and campers.

what about emergency services?

We have an RN on site during camp. Our staff are all First Aid & CPR certified as well.

Can my child call me?

We discourage phone calls as a means of reducing homesickness because we want Hidden Falls to be a growing experience for campers. Rest assured though, if your child is suffering from homesickness we will have them call. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones or electronic devices. Camp is a time away from the noise of the modern world. We want the focus to be on Christ. You may email your child every day if you choose. We print your emails and distribute them at lunch every day. If your child does call, it will come from our office phone number (806) 764-3466.

What if my child is a picky eater?

Our food service director has been feeding kids for over 10 years at camp and she knows what kids like. We encourage kids to try everything, but we will not let a child go hungry. She will also make allowances for food allergies and special diets. Please let us know of any special dietary needs prior to your child’s camp session.

Where do the counselors come from?

Most of our summer staff are from colleges & universities around the region, and the other from local high schools. All of the staff are interviewed and must meet a rigorous background check, including a Department of Public Safety background check, a sex offender background check, and must submit 4 references that are checked as well. Our standard is very high for our staff because we know they will be caring for your children. Their motto is: Love God, Love Kids, and Love each other.

Does the staff pass a background check?

Our entire staff goes through an extensive criminal background and sex offender registry check. All applicants are thoroughly screened and interviewed prior to them being considered.

What are the counselor’s ages?

All of our counselors must be at least 16 years of age. Most of our staff are college students or juniors and seniors in high school who have participated in our Counselor in Training (CIT) & Junior Staff Intern (JSI) programs.

HoW is the staff trained?

All of our staff go through an intensive week long training program. Every staff member certified in First Aid & CPR.

What is the camper-to-staff ratio?

Our counselor to camper ratio is 1 to 3, and oftentimes 1 to 2. Campers are well supervised.

Who supervises campers at night?

Every cabin has at least 2 counselors that sleep in the cabin with the campers.

Do you have a nurse on duty?

We also have a Registered Nurse that has volunteered their time and will be on site during the summer.

what if my child gets sick?

Our medical staff is prepared to handle common illnesses and will treat them accordingly. We have a nurses office that can accommodate campers in a private room or isolation room if required.

How do you handle camper medications?

At registration on Sunday we collect all medications (prescriptions and over the counter). All medications for campers and counselors are distributed by our medical staff at their specified time. No medications are ever kept in the cabins.

do you accommodate special dietary needs and food allergies?

Hidden Falls Ranch serves 3 kid-friendly meals per day that are well-balanced and nutritious. Our food service director makes every effort to meet any request or need our campers may have.

What happens in the event of severe weather?

We have a tornado shelter located in the middle of camp that can accommodate all of our campers & staff in the event of severe weather. Our program director is in charge of all of our activities and has a plan for indoor activities and games if necessary.

Can I stay with my child throughout the first day of camp?

We do not allow parents to stay at camp with their kids. We actually encourage parents and family to leave as quickly as possible after they get their child settled into their cabin. Our staff makes every effort to get them active and involved as quickly as possible.

What is the visitor policy?

We strongly discourage visitors during camp. This generally disrupts the flow of camp and will sometimes cause campers who were having a great time to want to go home prematurely.

Are electronic devices allowed?

All electronic devices are prohibited, including cell phones. We believe this will free your child up to have face to face interactions with other campers and staff without the distraction of everyday life. We would also be very sad to see anything broken or lost.

If cell phones are not allowed, how do I communicate with my son/daughter?

We encourage family members to email campers. Each day we print emails and distribute them to campers and staff at lunch. We also accept regular mail and packages that we deliver to your child.

What happens when my child is homesick?

We train our staff on how to handle homesick campers. Our first action is to try to get the camper involved. Many times keeping them busy will distract their mind long enough for them to get over the initial feelings of homesickness. If necessary, our senior leadership staff will speak with the camper and we may decide to contact you. If we decide to contact you we will call you before we have your child call you. This is to prepare you and encourage you to say what is necessary to get your child over their homesickness.

Can my child be in a cabin with his or her friend?

We do our best to honor all cabin requests, however, our cabins are assigned by the age of the camper in an effort to keep campers in cabins with other campers their age.

How do you assure campers are not bullied?

We hire more staff than necessary to keep our camper-to-staff ratio low. This helps us ensure that your camper is under constant supervision.

What do you do if a child does not want to participate in a specific activity?

We never force a camper to participate in an activity. Our staff makes every effort to encourage each camper to get involved and attempt the activity, but the decision is ultimately up to the camper.

How do you handle discipline?

The goal of Hidden Falls Ranch is to provide a safe, fun summer experience for all campers. All campers are expected to respect themselves, each other, the staff and the camp facilities. Hidden Falls Ranch stresses the need for each child to take personal responsibility for his or her own actions.
Parent/Caregiver cooperation is vital to the successful implementation of our discipline policy. In the event of a child having trouble adhering to the rules of the program, the Camp Director will talk with the parent/caregiver to decide how best to deal with the problem.
A family will be required to withdraw their child/children from the program if their actions are disruptive to the Summer Camp experience. It will be up to the professional judgement of the Camp Director to decide on any possible alternative.

Are the cabins air conditioned?

Yes, all of our cabins have AC units.

What are the drop-off & Pick-up times?

Registration on Sunday is from 4:00-5:30PM. You may pick your child up on Friday beginning at 6:00pm. The gate will not open before that time.